5 minimalist home office themes to elevate your space

Working from home, which was supposed to be just a temporary backup plan three years ago, seems to be here to stay. It has completely transformed the way our companies now work. Those who adapted to and embraced a hybrid work culture, or complete remote work contracts seem to thrive and swipe the traditional competition. 

Since home offices are here to stay, you should treat yourself to the blessing of having the clean, functional and stylish work space you deserve. So, here’s how to achieve the perfect minimalist office.

Let us show you a few office essentials that can help you solve all of your problems. 

Must-haves that will make you look good and professional

If you work in a dark space that helps you focus on your computer screen, we know it doesn’t look best on the camera. The same goes if there is a window behind your back or sideways. We know you have been sparing your interlocutors of unpleasant conditions, but the solution to all this is simple and, most importantly, only a few clicks away. Here are some of the work from home essentials that are a must!

Minimalist workspace (frontal view)

Decluttered and clean

A key thing to adapting any small space into the perfect home office is to declutter it. This is the point when you can greatly benefit from going for a minimalistic look. Minimalism may refer only to the number of things in your office and how they are displayed and stored. Small office plants and stylish gadgets can accent this style best and give a mood to your clutter-free desk. Such clean space allows you to be productive without distractions, which makes minimalism one of the best home office themes.

Minimalist workspace (close up)

Get it on the wall

If you need a view completely free of distractions, we suggest you reserve a whole white wall for your desk. A hanging minimalist desk setup installed on the wall gives even greater flexibility options. 

And there are other ways to use your vertical space: You may want to use up the upper part of the wall with shelves, or a hanging closet that will give you an even tidier look! It is the ideal touch for your minimalist office!

Hanging desk ideas


Office with a view

If a view is what inspires you, looking at a wall while you work might be counterproductive. In this case, you may want to position your minimalist desk in front of a window or, at least, make it face your living room. This is perfect if you have already invested in a stylish minimalist living room, or if you have the noble habit of always keeping it tidy.

Cozy home office with a view

Visual division of space with wallpapers

If you dedicate only a segment of your bedroom for your minimalist office, living room or a corner in your hall, you can visually seclude the space by applying a monochrome wallpaper on the wall. This is one of the office decor themes that allows you to get creative and spark things up. But be careful, you don’t want to make it look cheap or too cluttered with an invasive design or pattern. Keep things simple!

Monochromatic Wallpaper


Monochromatic elegance

Minimalism goes hand in hand with monochrome pallets. Here at Framing Me, we understand why visual cues are important for focus and productivity. This is why many of our products are available in 2 themes, white and black. In addition, our upcoming launch series ‘Monospace’ also focuses on the ‘less is more’ look.

Less is MORE poster

We want to inspire people and support them to achieve both functionality and aesthetics. This is why we deliver products that can boost your productivity and assist in creating that ‘less is more’ look and customising your own minimalist office. You can find our full array of products on our website. And do watch this space for our new product launch in November! For any queries, contact us on WhatsApp (+65-82016482), or simply visit our Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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