5 Corporate gifts ideas for work-from-home employees

The pandemic outbreak changed so many aspects of our life – and some of them for good! It seems like just a few years ago, most of us could never imagine shifting all our business operations from home. 

Working from home was a temporary measure many companies undertook to act on their public health responsibility. Fast forward, the business world is trying to measure the benefits and disadvantages of remote or hybrid workers, trying to level the working experience for both on-site and remote work from home employees. In the end, motivation and appreciation is needed for all workers, especially for those that are remote – they need to feel the company’s spirit and goodwill! And what better way to do that than by showing appreciation with corporate gifts?


 Gifts that will elevate the employees' working conditions

Corporate gifts are an excellent way of boosting the morale of your remote employees. Reminding them that the company cares for their working environment sends a powerful message that you deeply care about their work well-being.

Productivity tools are among the best corporate gifts

One of the main perks of working from home is increased productivity. So, surprising your employees with company gifts, that will help them manage their workdays around their private life better, is something they would definitely appreciate.

The ultimate Video Call Essentials Kit

We want to provide the right equipment for hybrid/remote work to help employees stay productive and feel appreciated. This is why we have a special Video Call Essentials Kit, including Video Call lights, adjustable desktop tripods, laptop stands, and charging cables that can elevate the calling experience or conference on a professional level. In addition, our backdrop products provide discretion and freedom, ensuring the aesthetics of professionalism for all people working in their bedrooms, kitchens, or living rooms.

Framing Me Video Call Essentials Kit

 Customisable corporate gifts

Nothing says ‘This company cares for your well-being” better than a customised gift. You can also send a powerful message and enhance team spirit and collaboration, with a customised desk related products. You can easily customise them with your brand colour and logo and strengthen your brand presence!

Framing Me: Thank you Gift Message

Our ‘Productivity’ Monospace Bundle Kit (Newly launched)

Our Productivity Monospace Bundle Kit is made to bring joy and comfort to home spaces of employees. Reward them with a boost of productivity today.

The Framing Me Monospace Bundle Kit comes in a black or a white theme and includes all the bestselling items our clients loved: a minimalist monitor stand, phone/tablet stand, lumbar/seat support cushion, premium-quality desk mat, modern desk lamp, cable management organizer and a high quality smart LED desk light or foot rest.

Boost the loyalty and feeling of belonging in your team in all your employees working from home. If you are a person of action and love to get things done fast, we provide you with the possibility to purchase your corporate gifts in a few simple clicks. Download our product catalogue here if you’re interested to know more or contact us directly.

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