5 office essentials for work-from-home professionals

5 office essentials for work-from-home professionals

Visual cues and facial expressions are an inevitable part of effective professional communication. If you’re against including your face in your conversations, please consider this as the sign you have been waiting for to revise your decision.

We know that one of the issues thousands of home professionals face daily is worrying about whether you look professional enough. Is your privacy protected, are you oversharing, is what the client sees on their screen understimulating and dull?

Let us show you a few office essentials that can help you solve all of your problems. 

Must-haves that will make you look good and professional

Professional Framing Me Video Shoot

If you work in a dark space that helps you focus on your computer screen, we know it doesn’t look best on the camera. The same goes if there is a window behind your back or sideways. We know you have been sparing your interlocutors of unpleasant conditions, but the solution to all this is simple and, most importantly, only a few clicks away. Here are some of the work from home essentials that are a must!

Lighting is the key

Having good lighting is crucial, and the good news is that obtaining sufficient lighting does not have to cost a fortune. Our favourite solution in terms of office essentials for home professionals is the Video Call Lights. They come in a kit with a suitable tripod that seamlessly fits behind the monitor or a kit with an extension that enables you to mount the light on top of any monitor. So convenient to use!


The perfect backdrop

Adequate lighting can be complemented by using a professional webcam, and a backdrop panel. These are just a few work from home essentials that will improve the quality of your calls, zoom sessions, and video appearances.

An aesthetically pleasing arranged area is always a better alternative than working in a clutter. Consider cleaning up some space or adding a tiny decorative plant to add ambience to an empty desk. If the clutter is behind your back, a backdrop panel can frame you up in no time.

 The feel-good office essentials

Pump up your ergonomics now! Don’t wait to purchase that lumbar seat, cushion or back support pillow to be a remedy only after you have experienced pain. These are the home office necessities that you need to get asap. Your body deserves the best support out there is.Ergonomics Cushion Set

 The aesthetics of a desk mat

Another aspect that may wear you out in the long term is clutter. So make sure you clear up all the space on your desk, and we’re not only talking about organising your stuff. Having to pick up the mouse and adjust it in the middle of your meeting creates mental clutter. So does bending toward the laptop. A monitor riser or a laptop stand can solve clutter by freeing up more arm space and providing perfect conditions to sit up straight. 

A high-quality leather desk pad is one of the best office desk essentials that can frame your organised desk better than anything else.

Premium Leather DeskmatPersonalise your desk

Consider adding versatility to your office desk and personalising it. You can put frames that feature your family photo, travel adventures, or maybe even have your favourite motivational quote printed!

Motivational poster

We are sure you can now pinpoint exactly what home office necessities you need to feel better and be more productive. Go to our website to check our office essentials bundles and the new product launch (Coming Soon). Also, feel free to get in touch with us at hello@framingme.com or on WhatsApp (+65-82016482), and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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