Are the lights rechargeable so that they can be used wirelessly?

Yes - the lights are wireless. They're charged by USB-C cable. There are two cables, so you can charge both lights at the same time if you've got 2 USB ports.

How long will the lights last per charge?

It depends on how long you charge it. It is recommended to charge it min 3.5 hours for a full charge. 

Can the brightness & temperature be changed?

Yes - the brightness and temperature can be adjusted according to your preference by adjusting the knob. It has warm and cool lights for you to change based on your meeting conditions. Cool lights is best used for professional setting while warm lights is ideal for casual setting.

Is there RGB option?

No - there is not option for RGB except brightness and warmness.

Can I place the light 1 metre from my seat?

Yes - you can place the light 1 metre from you seat. The further the distance from your seat, the higher brightness you should use.

How much space does this backdrop takes up?

After assembling the backdrop measures at 150cm (Length) X 150cm (Width) X 50cm (Depth). While a disassembled set measure 67cm X 12cm X 33cm.

Does it comes with a canvas bag? What is inside the bag?

Yes - it comes with a canvas bag. It contains the aluminium poles labelled with numbers, an alley key (3mm), instructions guide and a pair of gloves.

Is the material washable?

Yes - the material is perfectly washable. However it is recommended to mix with other clothes and avoid blenching it.

What's the overall weight of the backdrop? Will it be easy to move once it is assembled?

The weight of the back weight estimated to be 4.2kg. Yes it is easy to move around though it is advisable to put a flet pad on the base.

How long does it take to assemble the backdrop?

It should take on average of less than 5 mins.

Is there a bundle of lights and backdrop?

Yes - You may consider the ''Premium Bundle: Home Studio Suite'.

How should I go about placing the order?

You may either 'Add to cart' or click on the buy button and go to 'Checkout'.

When you're at Checkout page, remember to enter your contact information/address and payment details.

What is the estimated delivery time?

The estimated delivery time is between 1-3 working days.

Do you have rental services?

Yes, we are hearing from you. Please reach out to us and let us know how we can help at affordable rates below. 

[Rental Rates in Singapore] 

Video Call Essentials Kit - [$20 per day | $50 for 3-5 days | $80 for a week]

Deposit (refundable if in good condition) - $135

Home Studio Backdrop - [$30 per day | $50 for 3-5 days | $90 for a week]

Deposit (refundable if in good condition) - $150

Options: Pickup (Free), Delivery ($7.5-15), Setup includes delivery and pickup ($50)


Feel free to reach out to or Whatsapp +65-82016482 if you have any questions.